Pomos cara a Alamcia

Implicamos aos melhores profissionais no seu projeto empresarial

  • Alberto Arroyo
    Alberto Arroyo

    Alberto is our expert in innovation, entrepreneurship; improvement and consolidation of companies and organizations. With a huge experience in areas such as family businesses and franchising.

  • Juan Carlos Pérez
    Juan Carlos Pérez

    Our expert in financial, fiscal and wealth management, both national and internacional, responsible for search for financing. He is also our expert in legal matters.

  • Graciela Pardo
    Graciela Pardo

    Our coach, expert in human resources, professional and personal improvement, as well as job orientation.

  • Inmaculada Moreno
    Inmaculada Moreno

    Our expert in Public Administration: local and territorial development, tourism, citizen engagement, entrepreneurship promotion, etc.

  • Auxiliadora Sánchez
    Auxiliadora Sánchez

    Auxi is our psychologist and coach, expert in social innovation, social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility.

  • Manuel Martín
    Manuel Martín

    Manuel (Manolo) is our expert in quality assurance and certifications, with a huge experience on management models (EFQM, etc.)

Os nossos colaboradores

Colaboramos com os melhores profissionais para trabalhar no seu projeto

  • Pablo A. Jarabo
    Pablo A. Jarabo

    Carlos is our collaborator expert in business management, industrial organization, operations, quality, as well as internationalization.

  • Carlos Jentsch
    Carlos Jentsch

    Carlos is our collaborator expert in business management, industrial organization, operations, quality, as well as internationalization.

  • Ana Herrero
    Ana Herrero

    Ana is expert in commercial and sales management, human resources management, as well and organizational improvement.

  • Pilar Contreras
    Pilar Contreras

    Pilar is our expert in emotional intelligence, social networks, social research, and training.

  • Ramón Suárez
    Ramón Suárez

    Ramón is our expert in Industry 4.0 and digital transformation. He is also expert on lean methodology and disruptive innovation.

  • Paola Caballer
    Paola Caballer

    Paola is our expert in trends research, specialized in the future of work and organizations; food, retail, design and technology industries, 

Acreditamos no territorio

Comprometemo-nos com o território, por meio da aposta no talento que há nele.


    Mercedes is our expert in social innovation programs, employability improvement, and women empowerment.

  • Generosa Dávila
    Generosa Dávila

    Gene is our expert in social revitalization and innovation, through her brand Sencillamente.

  • Pastor Lorenzo
    Pastor Lorenzo

    Pastor is our collaborator in Galicia (northwestern Spain). He is our expert on communication, and internationalization programs.

  • (Español) Marisol Vaquero
    (Español) Marisol Vaquero

    Marisol is the soul of our territory revitalization initiatives. Our project manager, trainer and territory catalyst.

  • (Português) Cristina Ramos
    (Português) Cristina Ramos

    Cristina is expert in social economy, entrepreneurship and territory revitalizacion

  • (Português) Myriam Segura
    (Português) Myriam Segura

    Myriam deploys her work as territory revitalizator, as well as managing the operations of the projects.